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Prerequisite to cleaning
The wet method
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DSLR, Sensor Cleaning

Dust on sensors and cleaning it is a popular subject on many forums, and, as often is such cases, one can read almost anything on the subject. Frightened, some photographers no longer dare to change lenses, afraid of dust, they do without one of the main advantages of DSLRs : being able to change lenses.

Of course, one should not change lenses in any situation, but by taking minimum precautions, one can avoid numerous problems. A few rules to follow in order to space out sensor cleanings:

  • - Avoid exposing your equipment to dust.
  • - Clean regularly your lenses, particularly the side that gets connected to the DSLR.
  • - Clean regularly your camera bag, and vacuum dust inside it.
  • - Clean regularly your lenses’ caps and do not let lenses without caps for long periods.
  • - When you change lenses, keep your camera with the sensor downwards
  • - Avoid changing lenses in dusty environments, particularly when it is windy.
  • - It is not a good idea to walk with your camera slung across the shoulder, it is better to put it back in the camera bag every time.
  • - A smoker has more risks to get a nicotine sheen on his lenses and sensor...
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