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Martha Casanave - marthacasanave.com
Martha Casanave graduated from the Monterey Institute of International Studies with a degree in Russian Language and Literature, and began her working life as a translator in Washington, DC. She engaged in photography from early childhood, however, and later decided to make photography her primary activity and income source. She came back to the Monterey Peninsula and built up a portrait clientele, began teaching photography, and continued to pursue her personal photographic work. A formalized but non-traditional, black and white environmental portrait became her signature style...

Chris Clor - www.clorimages.com
Chris Clor has more than 25 years of experience working as a commercial photographer, and is passionate about producing the highest quality images for his clients on each and every project. His photographic expertise, innate lighting ability and sense of design, coupled with extensive computer imaging skills provide his clients with the tools necessary to solve any problem either in studio or on location.

Jérôme Dominé - www.jeromedomine.com
After 3 years of studies at the school of photography of Toulouse, Jérôme Dominé comes to Paris in September 2003, to forward its book: portraits of personalities of the cinema. And immediately it starts to work for magazines.

Chema Madoz - www.chemamadoz.com
This Spaniard shows a strain of formal surrealism not often seen these days. Chema Madoz creates unlikely constructions that are surprisingly funny. A hard-boiled egg shares a crack with its eggcup, a melting ice cube is neatly tied with a bow, and a burned-out match seems to be on fire, but it's the perfectly formed knots in the wooden board on which it rest that create the effect.

Bruno Mercier - www.pixydream.com
Born in 1962 in Paris, artist illustrator, then directing of creation in a group of telecommunications, Bruno Mercier lives and works in Normandy on the Peninsula of Cotentin. Inspired by its environment, it presents a work in black and white where the omnipresent light reveals and organizes space. The graphics and the dynamism of its framings give movement to motionless spaces.

James Nachtwey - www.jamesnachtwey.com
is at the present time the most famous war photographer. Over the previous twenty years he has become a legend: photographing the toughest world conflicts from the closest range possible. He has proven that he can work even in the hardest conditions. To look at him though you wouls hardly get the image of some kind of Rambo figure as he wears neither a helmet nor a bulletproof vest. His trademark look is more the clean white shirt and a vest over it with many pockest and a pair of comfortable jeans. His well coiffed greying hair gives one the impression of a university professor, not the invincable photographer walking into the line of fire.

Eolo Perfido - www.eoloperfido.com
"Photography has arrived quite late in my life, but furtunately passions has no time, so at 28 years old I took the camera in my hand without knowing that after a while my desire would be to keep it there forever. To take pictures bacame something that went over the simple image realization and has changed deeply my way to experience life and to relate to the other people."
Eolo Perfido lives and works in Rome.

Matthew Pillsbury - www.matthewpillsbury.com
Photographer Matthew Pillsbury uses extremely long exposures to create eerie, ambient-light images that juxtapose technology's permanence with human transience.

Bill Schwab - www.billschwab.com
Bill Schwab's ethereal, dreamlike photographs—a fog-shrouded bridge, a fountain seen at dusk, reeds reflected in the smooth surface of a pond—are paeans to solitude. Given the quiet, meditative quality of the pictures, it's not surprising that Schwab prefers to photograph at dusk or at dawn, and often in inclement weather, when he's bound to be alone. What might be surprising is that many of the photographs are taken in and around his native city of Detroit, a place not generally associated with the almost pastoral views found in his images.

William Scott - www.williamscottart.com
William Scott's interest in photography was sparked in his youth, when his father built a small home darkroom. The mystery of the darkroom was intriguing and activities in it were never ignored. Later, his desire to explore his environment was kindled by his family's regular trips to Ireland (the country of his parents' birth). These trips heightened his awareness of the power of the senses, place, and the unknown.

John Strazza - www.johnstrazza.com
Photographer of over 30 years - studied with some of the finest photographers of our time and himself falls into the category of master. Within his work you will find images taken in the genre of street photography. Images that celebrate the variety and complexity of the every day. To experience a John Strazza image is to take in a frame of elements be they simple or complex whereby he brings you inside that very moment of his vision or maybe it is that he brings you there so you can have your own vision and relationship with that moment .. either way - it's mind eye opening.

Zosia Zija - www.zija.net
She was born in 1975, a photographer searching for simplicity in what she does. She loves simple and ordinary people, who she tries to see through the lens as extraordinary. Her life motto is: follow your heart, whatever that means.

Francesco Zizola - www.zizola.com
was born in Rome, Italy and studied anthropology. Since 1986, his pictures appear internationally in leading magazines. He has received seven World Press Photo awards, including World Press Photo of the Year in 1996 for his photograph documenting the tragedy of land mines in Angola and four Pictures of the Year Award.

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