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Chinese New Year
Colors of the Gay Pride
Behind the Venetian Mask (1)
Behind the Venetian Mask (2)

In the city
Paris, city of light (1)
Paris, city of light (2)

The marvels of Nature
I write stories
with my camera

Write the stories behind the photographs! Most of us could tell any number of stories from the pictures hanging on our walls, or gracing our mantels and bookshelves. Opening our albums, we have whole novels and films about lives lived or the details of the important events in our lives.

I'm a Street Photographer and I tell stories with my camera. Street Photography is a heart beating to the rhythm of Urban Life, a curious look capable to find out the stories and hallucinations that every street puts in scene. I don't think street photography must necessarily be photography of real, breathing people. I enjoy chasing the parallel life of the anthropomorphic images that silently inhabit the city spaces. Revealing their solitary dramas and unraveling.

I hope you like what you see and come back again, enjoy your (photographical) walking ...

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